Northeastern U – Bob Case Acad Bridge to Calculus

We have amazing partnerships in Boston, University quality education, access to Northeastern campus, a sense of community. The biggest sell I think is the power of the amazing team of crackerjack teachers and the powerful presence of student (alumni and NU student) mentors. They encourage and support the students so that when student proceed in the following year they have some familiarity. Also we use materials that are applied so students really have to learn the math as well as know how to apply it. Students get a chance to direct their learning by choosing from other options this year — and learn how math applies to real life. Core math classes are held M-Th from 7:30 – 9:30a.m., taught by veteran BPS math
teachers. Many teachers are award winning and AP Calculus readers. The model allows
teachers to collaborate and meet some of their students prior to the Fall– it gives a
continuum of learning. BtC has long addressed the issue of summer learning loss, which
affects our urban communities, even before the COVID pandemic. We have about 28 years of history to build from. In addition to the traditional program, we are delighted to partner with the Cultural Collaborative led by Ellie Schimelman (, FMG Robotics(, Center of Art, Media and Design(CAMD) (, Prof. Adrien Feiguin, Physics Department at Northeastern University and others. Additionally, students can explore how Math is connected to the world ? and will get a chance to develop curriculum!
We will have an extended day to promote enrichment activities. Students will choose a project and explore the math connections. Although core classes are planned to be in person, the Math Question Center will remain virtual. The evening Math QC provides community but also one-on-one mentorship in an attempt to better serve the needs of our students who have individual needs. In addition to our new partners, BtC will continue and expand our partnerships with the Boston Private Industry Council (PIC) and DYEE(Department of Youth Education and Engagement).