Piers Park Sailing Center – Science of Sailing S1

As a community sailing program, Piers Park Sailing Center is more effective at pursuing our above stated goals than similar programs for three key reasons:
– Our programs are 100% accessible to children of any level of physical ability. We are the only program in Massachusetts and one of only four in the country certified by US Sailing where a child with paralysis can take the helm and steer the boat.
– We have the most ethnically and culturally diverse staff of any community sailing center in Massachusetts, meaning we can be more responsive to and connected to the community we serve
– Our year-round programming provides multiple pathways to eventually become a sailor, meaning youth from families who have reservations about swimming/being on the water spend time in our program, get to know our staff, and then are more likely to become involved in all of our programming all year round.

As an educational youth development program, we are more effective at pursuing our above stated goals for two key reasons:
– Our programs are uniquely fun for children and provide access to areas of the city that very few people get to enjoy. For example, every Friday during the ‘warm season’ children sail to one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Some Islands that are not accessible by ferry (like Rainsford and sometimes Lovells) have no visitors except youth from our programs who get to explore and learn about these natural spaces.
– Our staff of 100% past program participants are genuinely & passionately dedicated to our mission because of their personal experiences as youth.