Shooting Touch – AAU The Right Way

At this program, students will have the chance to gain life-long benefits through the unique, yet extremely effective, platform of basketball. Students will gain knowledge in sport, health, and social change, as well as build a sisterhood of young girls with similar life circumstances and interests, as well as a network of mentors to always lean on. Our program aims to nix the unequal “pay-to-play” model that is disproportionately keeping girls of color out of sports (and from receiving all of the natural benefits that sport can provide), by not only creating 100% free programming, but by supplementing that free programming with free athletic gear (to properly access the sport), regular holistic-health education, off-court experiences aimed at improving girls’ well-being in understanding of themselves and the world, and other tangible benefits such as health screenings, paid working opportunities, and food support.