The Pathway Initiative – High School Summer Science Academy

To help underrepresented students develop strong foundation in STEM and gain exposure to careers in Medicine and Health Sciences.
Students would have the chance to:
1. Revise and solidify content taught in previous grade which were not well understood.
2. Learn new concepts and develop strong foundation for concepts/topics to be taught during the next school year/grade
3. Gain skills in English comprehension, writing, logical and abstract thinking
4. Gain insight into various STEM and medical career paths and the needed courses requirements.
5. Join guest speakers series to hear first hand from professionals in diverse fields of STEM: For example physicians, care providers, scientists from different fields, engineers etc.
6. Gain insight first hand experience in resume preparation and job/college admission interview strategies
7. Exposure to DEI.
8. Gain practical skills in study ethic, test-taking, time management and resume preparation