West End House – Teen Summer Program

We are one of only a handful of programs offering day and evening programs for young people aged 13-19 during the summer months. As an organization committed to “meeting kids where they are,” we reach teens who are too young to work (13 & 14) but too old to participate in a day camp-style program as well as employed teens who seek a safe space to engage after work and into the evening hours. If awarded funding through BASB, we will also be able to provide scratch-made dinners on the days we offer extended hours (Wednesday -Friday) something we have been unable to do in previous summers. With our 43,000-square-foot facility, we can deliver programs in spaces designed and dedicated exclusively for teens. Working teens have identified this as a draw, as have our younger teens who are seeking independence and distance from the Summer Day Camp feel. We also have a team of staff dedicated to working with teens year-round which facilitate uninterrupted services and relationships.