Thank You Dangardy!

The team wanted to say thank you for all your hard work thus far Dangardy! A lot of these messages came in before the team knew you were planning to stay. Everyone is very excited to continue working with you!


Thanks for choosing Boston Beyond for your co-op! It’s been great to have you as part of the team. I hope you gained the connections, skills, and experience you wanted. And I am glad I got to surprise you as a “5’10” type of guy.” Best of luck and keep in touch.


Dangardy, congratulations on a wildly successful co-op, and thanks so much for all you contributed to the work of the Boston Beyond network. I hope that you learned at least one or two useful things along the way and I wish you the best of luck in your next endeavors. Don’t be a stranger!! – Katie

Dangardy – thank you for being such an awesome teammate this spring. From coordinating the Meet the Partner segments to assisting the revitalization of the Insight Center to co-creating the social media campaign to representing Boston Beyond at a national conference (!) and everything else in between, we are so grateful to you and your hard work. We will miss you. Best of luck with the rest of undergrad and beyond!
– Eliza

It seems like the time flew by regarding your tenure at BASB.It was a pleasure getting to know you but I’m sorry we never had the opportunity to meet in person,however your contribution to BASB is much appreciated and I hope you found the experience beneficial.Good luck & stay in touch! -Phil Jackson

Dangardy!! It was so nice to start this job as a newbie with you and learn together. It was also great to slow down on Fridays to learn random things with you and just chat. You’re an awesome person and I hope that you reach out for anything that you need in the future, be it a reference or otherwise. Have fun with your new apartment and everything coming your way! – Ellie

Dangardy – I feel like we’ve thrown so much at you over the course of a very short co-op but you’ve taken on every challenge with nothing but grace and poise. I so much appreciate all the ways you helped keep our team going during a very busy time this spring. Best of luck to you in your next steps (and in your new apartment) and don’t forget to stay in touch! -Matthew


Congratulations on finishing your co-op! I hope your time at Boston Beyond has been fun and filled with lots of learning. Thanks for your hard work. Hope to someday meet in person (which will be hilarious as I am basically a foot shorter than you are!)

— Lisa


Thank you for taking on the challenge of working with our organization this year. In addition to the skill sets you’ve brought to the organization, I appreciate your humility and blunt honesty. Your willingness to take on a wide range of different projects this year embodies the entrepreneur spirit that keeps our work moving. The fact that you actually enjoy going through the audit process is wild. Can’t wait to have you help me get through the myriad of questions we’ll be getting this summer!

Congratulations on moving into your own place with roommates. That’s gotta be both exciting and somewhat bittersweet, but if you ever need anything as you get settled into your new pad, let me know.

Looking forward to working with you more directly this summer. I encourage you to think about some skill sets you’d like to sharpen or hone this summer. We have lots of opportunities for personal and professional growth!

Best regards,



Wishing you the best for college and career aspirations. It sounds like BASB gave you several bites of the apple in terms of experiences. Even your exposure to accounting and finance was at least a real world exposure that you don’t get just sitting in class. Whether it framed your interest, either for or against, is less important than having the experience to learn the difference. I congratulate you on your willingness to help and try new things and speak your mind. You will go far with those traits. Best of luck on life’s journey.


Dangardy, Thanks so much for your hard work on behalf of Boston’s students — especially the often thankless, operational stuff that tends to be overlooked. Your creative ideas and willingness to jump in is admirable. Glad to hear you may be back with us this summer! – Lauren


Thank you for the chill vibes throughout these last 6 months. I appreciate your honesty, candidness, and willingness to try whatever new projects the team needs help with. You have been a huge help and have saved my sanity on several occasions. I am very happy you will continue to work with us in a more directed capacity this summer. As usual, if there’s anything you need, just let me know.