Track Boston Moves for Health Progress with BostoNavigator!

In April, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced his Boston Moves for Health Campaign. In the Mayor’s words, this is “an ambitious campaign to improve the health and fitness of our city.” Boston residents can create accounts on the BMHC website, set personal health goals, map walking or running routes, and get nutrition tips.  In addition to tracking your own fitness progress on the site, you can coordinate group activities with friends and move toward wellness together.

We are pleased to announce that BostoNavigator can help your afterschool and OST programs participate in this campaign!

If you run a program, all you need to do is update your BostoNavigator profile in three easy steps:

  1. Share what makes your program special in your program description. What skills will youth develop? What special experiences does your program provide?  Include “Boston Moves for Health” to be noted as a participant in the campaign.
  2. Include photos and your organization logo to make your profile stand out.  For a how-to, see our previous Blog post!
  3. Note the number of open seats in your program on a weekly basis.  Keep track of open seats and your waitlist throughout the summer to keep youth and families informed.  We will be referring students to programs over the next several weeks and tracking enrollment numbers throughout the summer.

If you have any questions about how to update your profile, please contact Maura Boyce at