[TV Interview] NECN Features Courageous Sailing and Boston Summer Learning Community

Sailing is not only a perfect way to spend a summer day, but for some kids, it’s a chance to learn about science, the environment and even themselves.

Nearly 60 youngsters from schools in Boston are taking part in a five-week program this summer at the Courageous Sailing Center in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

The city’s goal is to provide youngsters with fun, educational opportunities during the long hot summer months. The sailing program at the Charlestown establishment is one of 80 in the city right now.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh hopes to have 100 programs like it in the next two years, serving 10,000 kids. The program, as well as the others, helps expose children to summer experiences they might not have had otherwise.

“From here to across the harbor in Thompson Island, across the city to Blue Hills and Hale Reservations, college campuses,  workplaces and between, kids are getting real life experience and real-world learning.” – Chris Smith, Executive Director, Boston After School & Beyond

Source: New England Cable News