Why Skills Matter: A Practical Approach for Teen-Serving Organizations to Focus on Building Skills for Success

This paper, written by Deputy Director Louise Harland, describes our approach to developing and measuring skills, and features a recent project with the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative to help teens be more intentional about developing skills.

This article was produced thanks to support from theCharles Stewart Mott Foundation, as part of the Expanded Learning & Afterschool Project, in partnership with the Collaborative for Building After School Systems. To learn more about the project, visit http://www.expandinglearning.org.

Download the full paper here.



The Achieve, Connect, Thrive Skills Framework unites stakeholders from across the youth-serving field in Boston around the skills young people need to succeed.

Derived from the best of the youth development field, and afterschool program providers themselves, the skills in the framework are those that research from a number of fields, including education and developmental psychology, suggests are important for success in school, college, and 21st Century careers.